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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
The Great White North


We don´t always get great pictures of the animals we see on our trips. They often elude us, or they prance around in front of us right up until a split second before we're ready to take a picture, and then they bolt. But, we've managed a few good pix on this trip, so far...

Our list of wildlife seen is:

  • Moose (2 dead on road; alive - One mama with 2 babies - yes *2* babies)
  • Black Bear (5, we think)
  • Buffalo (no, really)
  • Ptarmigan
  • Ground Squirrels
  • Stone sheep
  • Carribou
  • Elk
  • Enormous DragonFlies
  • Hummingbird-like Insect
  • Many dogs
  • Falcons/Hawks
  • Bald Eagle
  • Fox
  • Sand Hill Cranes (we think)
  • Updated: August 3, 2004


    a bear! he is a little one... probably last year´s cub. and, so cute!
    he sees us!
    can you believe what a fantastic picture we got of this dragon fly?!?

    these are two stone sheep, ewe and lamb, posed for us along side the road.
    this group includes a ram... can you find him?
    the sheep are right on the road, and the cars and campers stop to see them. this is at stone mountain, in BC, on the ak highway.

    a carribou decided he wanted in on the tourist action on stone mountain. it is velvet season, so his horns are just growing in and covered in velvet.
    this carribou is levitating... look, ma! no hooves!
    this carribou was sneaking into my picture... see the mischevious gleam in his eye?

    umm. buffalo? no, actually bison, but still...
    this is a bull bison... not too far from watson lake, hanging on the side of the road.
    another black bear posing and frolicking for us.

    this elk hid from us in the brush. his antlers are covered in velvet, and he was the most amazing chocolately brown...
    these ptarmigans were all over the campbell highway. in winter they are snowy white.
    his name is duke, and after he let me pet him for a long time, he didn´t want his picture taken, but his owner gave me a hand so I could record his beautiful eyes.

    we saw one of these a few years ago in colorado, and i still do not know exactly what it is, but it behaves just like a hummingbird (wings go 1,000 km a minute). but, the six legs lead me to believe it's a moth or some other insect...
    i call this one... bloodsucker. any questions? (he's on our cooler.)
    we saw a fox run across the road. this was the best picture I could get, in the fog and mist and rain, at breakneck speeds, with a scared fox scampering away.

    can you see him now?
    oh, and here is his friend the sasquatch.
    ok, how adorable is this??? you can adopt these guys when they are retired from sledding. are they the most adorable critters ever, or what?
      the full grown ones look fearsome, but they're really cuddly and cute.

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