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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
The Great White North

Beautiful fall colors... um... or not.

these three pix show the view down the road. At first it looks like there´s a line beyond which it is fall...
in fact, these are pine trees, and the orange color isn´ fall at all, it is fire damage.
the first glimpses of the vast nature of the fire were enough to take your breath away.

stuart took some pictures a little closer in. all of the forest floor is now bare.
in fact, the burns clear the way for new growth, and flowers and small scrubby plants will grow back in within a few months.
still, it is very desolate looking at the damage...

the ground is singed in this section.
here, you can see the arbitrary pattern of the fire.
we saw sections of burnt forest, to varying degrees, from faro all the way part way up the Dempster. A lot burned this summer...

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