Lea Ann and Stuart´s Remodeling Continues with the Guest Room

So, never having quite enough to do, Lea Ann and Stuart decided to work on the storage issues in their house by adding built-in cabinets in their guest room. Once they had decided on this, they also decided that they needed to pull up the carpet in that room. The upstairs of their house has hard wood floors that have been carpeted for years, so we set about pulling up the carpet in that room. (You wouldn't want to build cabinets in over the carpet, right?)

Unfortunately, once they began pulling up the carpet, the fearless (witless?) duo found that their floor had been brutally marred with stick down linoleum tiles. That is correct. Someone stuck adhesive tiles over the hard wood. Blech.

So, the fearless (witless?) duo began scraping and heat-gunning the adhesive off, in order to finally have the floor refinished.

Below are some pictures of their efforts and the results!

Before Refinishing - Right Corner

Before the refinishing could start, Stuart and Lea Ann had to strip off the linoleum and the adhesive. Once they had done the bulk of the stripping (using a heat gun and chisels), the refinishers helped scrape the last bits off... The icky black stuff is adhesive! Yuck!

The floor in the middle of sanding...

Look at that floor! At the bottom of the picture, the floor has been sanded, at the top, it is still the old finish with some of the black adhesive showing.

Sanding the floor

Sanding the floor.

Steel wooling the floor between coats of polyurethane

The floor has been sanded and has one coat of polyurethane. The guys now steel wool the floor (or the equivalent) to get it ready for the second coat.

And Voila!

After the 2nd coat of polyurethane. It's probably a little shinier because it's still very wet, but Wowee! what a difference!

Before after
Before and after!!

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