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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Border City to Haines Junction - The Pictures

Pictures pictures pictures.


In the morning we could actually see what the motel room looked like.
Not to mention the motel, itself.
Even with the grey conditions around Border City (and most of the rest of the day), there was an excellent reflection on this pond.

We only spent one night in Alaska, but here we are going back into the Yukon.
You can really see the boundary strip in this picture. Who do you think has the job to go cut all those trees down?
Lea Ann captured this bee hovering near the border. Pretty cool, but you will need to look at the larger version to see it.

This is a neat little church in Beaver Creek, made out of culvert parts from the original Alaska Highway project.
They are replacing most of the old highway with new, but the construction areas are pretty dusty.
After getting back into the Yukon, the mountain ranges to the southwest of us started looming pretty large.

As the mountains got larger, the clouds got lower.
It was pretty grey here at Destruction Bay (no kidding, that is the name), but still pretty. The lake here is huge.
This is the southern end of the same lake in the last picture, but it has a much different character down here.

As we passed one of the gaps, we had this view back into Kluane. Apparently, the sun is shining somewhere.
For a few minutes it looked, dramatically, like the sun might shine near us!
Then the clouds shifted and the blue was obscured, but also dramatically.

A pretty field with a lone barn, near Haines Junction.
The roadside was covered with these yellow flowers, and you have seen how much we like flowers.
Just south of the Haines Junction town limit is this really bright meadow. In this weather, it is actually giving off more light than the sky, I think.

Yukoners are creative, as you can see here. Is this trailer coming or going?
Yes, that is the tail of a Dodge Caravan, going in both directions... How did they do that?
I climbed up on top and saw the weld, but, you have to admit, besides being very odd, it is a good welding job and body work.

Hey you, no horses on the airport! That is something you do not see in the DC area.
Finally, night sets, but that does not prevent us from taking pictures. These are the mountains of Kluane National Park, just southwest of Haines Junction.
The hotel (Kluane Park Inn) probably looks better by night...

Appropriately, this is a slightly blurry picture of the remains of the day. We are finally done planning the latest change to our itinerary and ready for bed.

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