Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:

The way I see it, the term “Great White North” originates from a simple combination of the vast (great) distances in an area often snow-covered (white) and proximate to the magnetic pole (north). Of course, I am always open to alternative suggestions.

Whatever the derivation, the Great White North always held a certain fascination for me and I seem to have brought out similar leanings in Lea Ann. As time passes, we go farther afield, so a trip to the Great White North was, I suppose inevitable.

Soon after we hatch the actual trip idea, the Big Ideas start. Are you familiar with Big Ideas?

Ok, so the whole idea of a trip to the Great White North is something like a Big Idea all by itself, but that is just not big enough. What we need is a mission statement.

To be the first in our families to venture beyond the Arctic Circle, to touch the Arctic Ocean, to see vast quantities of wildlife, to see true Arctic tundra, to do something considered over-the-top by all friends and relatives, to add new photographs to our growing collection of fine art photography, and to propel us into the world of travel writing.

Well, we did not actually write a mission statement, but it might read something like that.

Yes, it is true; we cannot be satisfied with a simple trip beyond civilization. We will try to make this into a life-changing trip of epic proportions!

And you do realize that the very fact that you are reading this means… Our plan is working! (Insert diabolical laughter here, to go with the diabolical writing.)

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