Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Home Front (part 1)

If you were to go on vacation for a month, what would you do with your house? Let me tell you, the planning that goes into a month-long trip can be easily underestimated. But that is just par for the Mawler course.

Are you done figuring how to account for your house in your absence? What if I told you your cat were to have feline adult-onset diabetes?

I bet you went back and read through that sentence again.

Let me help you: what do you do when your cat turns out to have feline adult-onset diabetes? Yes that is correct, our cat was diagnosed as a diabetic about a month or two before our trip. Now she needs insulin shots just like a human.

How could this happen, you ask? Have you no manners? We have a fat cat. Well, she was fat, but I put her on a starvation diet and she lost five (5) pounds (out of 15), but apparently it was a bit late.

Normally, when you leave cats at home for a few days, you can just have some friends drop by and check on them once every couple of days. A diabetic cat changes all that. She needs to have a shot of insulin twice a day, meaning someone needs to be there twice a day to “stick the kitty”, as we have taken to calling it.

Some friends offer to handle the insulin business for us, but we wisely decline the most gracious offer in an attempt to maintain our valuable friendship. Something tells me that any friends would begin chafing at the idea of driving over to your house twice a day, every day, for an entire month. Fortunately, our friends are also wise and do not press the issue. (We love you guys!)

The solution is simple: hire someone.

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