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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Inuvik - The Pictures

When we scheduled our time in Inuvik, we had activities planned for every day. But, because it was cold and raining, and the visibility prevented our trips to Tuk and Herschel Island, we ended up spending a few days (much-needed?) just reading, organizing photos for the web site, and staring out the window.

When the weather perked up a bit, we explored a little further, canoeing on Campbell lake and getting a few shots of Inuvik's famous Igloo Church. All in all, it was a very restful week...


the Inuvik town sign is decorated with native/local art.
the official road sign is much less exciting, but we did have fun trying to figure out what all the services are that are listed..
and this is the famed Inuvik golf course... err... yeah...

we stopped at the visitor center for our inuvik stamp, and saw this... guess what it is... give up? it´s a drill bit. weird..
at the visitor center, they had a sculpture out front that was pretty neat.
this is Inuvik´s Distant Early Warning - DEW - Site. these were set up by the U.S. to warn if the Soviets attacked over the north pole. this one claims to be owned/used by a regional communications company now.

this boat came up the MacKenzie River last spring in the floods, and miscalculated about where the actual river was. When the water receded, it was stuck... They figure when it floods next year they will get it out...
at BeauDelAir, the place we tried to get a flight to Herschel Island, they had a huge, sleepy, friendly dog.
down the street from the Arctic Chalet, this house had a fabulous deck with a turret/roof-level deck. we want one!.

this is Inuvik´s famous igloo church. i wonder why they call it that...
another angle. the sun was bright and beautiful on the church this day.
this is the church at sunset. notice that there is stained glass picking up the beautiful light in the cupola..

i love these blue flowers. they are all over town, but these are in front of the igloo church..
they vary a fair amount in shades of blue...
i really liked this one behind the chain link fence.

this is the lake behind the Arctic Chalet. It was beautiful in the evening light after a storm this evening.
this lake is just down the street from the other one. there are a ton of lakes and rivers up here!
the perfect canoe shot presented itself, and i just couldn´t resist...

the houses in inuvik are all painted bright colors. we aren´ sure if that is because it is so dark in the winter or just a different aesthetic...?
the infrastructure (water and sewer) travel in above ground pipes in inuvik. the ground is permafrost... frozen like stone a few inches from the surface.
the moon rise was lovely this evening.

this bridge is the dempster highway crossing Campbell Creek. we put our canoe in here at the boat landing below the bridge.
the lake was beautiful! the sunlight was brilliant, especially when you consider it was grey and raining only a few hours earlier.
you get a pretty nice view from a canoe!

i snapped a lot of pix of the big puffy clouds.
we struggled hard enough to get the canoe there... it had to show up in one of the pix!
the view included some swans! take a look at the fauna page for a closer shot of them.

this is a little random, but i liked it for some reason.
we spent some time just reading in the room. it had great light, and stuart had some homework to finish up. i just wanted to read...
this wheat (?) was in front of the Arctic Chalet... again, the sun after the rain was just lovely.

the sun actually did set in Inuvik...
...but not until late! (and it was a great sunset!)
...but this sunset, from the room, was the best!

it was brilliant on the wires and reflecting on a lake across the way.
here, my trick is revealed. the door is covered by a screen (thank goodness!) which gives me a great star-filter effect.
and, so, the sun sets in the west, and our time in Inuvik draws to a close...

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