It is just a replacement, really.

By now, you have probably seen the lengths to which Lea Ann and Stuart went to remove the original concrete stoop and sidewalk that were the primary access to their house. Well, here are the pictures that show, in their humble opinion, that it was all worth it.

Veronice Lawrence does good work. And he did it all while they were on vacation!

As you walk toward the house on the main sidewalk, you see something like this (from in front of the neighbor's house):
The new stoop from just down the street

When you finally arrive at the end of the boardwalk, you see this, only there might not be a cat in the flower bed.
The new stoop and boardwalk, looking straight down the boardwalk from the main sidewalk


Where the boardwalk meets the stoop. We finally did take down the caution tape, which you can see almost under the new stoop...
from the side

In this picture, you can also see the gate at the back left corner of the stoop. This leads to the stairs, which end at the patio we had already added to the back yard.
almost on the stoop

The next two pictures show the back stairs. The first shows the stairs from up on the stoop, while the second shows the back stairs as seen from the patio.
looking down the back stairs

looking up the back stairs

Thanks for visiting!
Stuart at the end of the boardwalk

I just cannot believe it and must see the destruction pictures again!
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