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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
The Great White North

Road signs you won´t see back home...

sign indicating which way to go for the alaska highway.
demmit jim...
strange queen of flower people with scythe and pumpkin ahead...

umm... ahem... yeah...
surveyor ahead... or perhaps harry potter´s astronomy OWL?
stuart tells me that this is a dead railroad sign... a railroad crossing for rails that are no longer used... hmm...

sadly, shortly after one of these signs, we saw a moose on the highway... she was HUGE, and I wouldn't have wanted to see the car that hit her... wish we had seen a moose *by* the road and not *on* it... sigh.
i guess this sign works on the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words. gets the point across, I guess.
this area of the road had what they call a pilot car. you have to stop and wait until a car (truck actually) comes and leads you across through the construction.

this is the sign that was on the road just after the pilot car sign. sounds like a new sport... extreme dust.
i wasn't expecting this one... it was in the visitor center in watson lake.
oscar the grouch on the side of the road.

we took the nahanni range road, which is a little tiny road, comparatively, back to the frances river. this sign explains it was built for a tungsten mine. .
this sign explains to give up hope all ye who enter here.
evidently the corporate owners of the mine don't really care for visitors...

there is a ferry over the peel river and mackenzie river on the way to inuvik. the signs are rather comical..
this sign is actually down the road from the Arctic Chalet, in Inuvik. it warns of the weight limits for the ice road. we aren't sure if it is 4,000 or 40,000 kg...
you might notice that the road isn't so great right now, and that it ends at the river... the ice road is on the river when it freezes.

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