Go Vote...

The following is a rant that Lea Ann sent to a broad distro on election day, tuesday, 5 November 2002. The same sentiment applies regarless of the year.

"I was in a cab this morning whose driver was an immigrant from Ghana. I was struck by this cab driver stating how sad it was that the citizens of the United States are so apathetic about voting. I share his concerns, and it said a lot, I think, that this cab driver, who isn't an American citizen, knew a more about local politics and what hinged on the election today than many citizens I know.

Voting is the foundation of democracy. It is our right as citizens. It is our civic duty.

Not voting is tantamount to saying that what our government does for you, its citizen, or against you does not matter.

If you have not voted today, please go out and vote. The polls close at 7 in Virginia and 8 in Maryland and DC. There is still plenty of time.

If you have voted today, I applaud you. Please send a note or give a call to your friends urging them to do the same. If each of us can get one more person to vote, we will have done a great thing today.

How can a country that thinks of itself as so great have so few of its citizens that care enough to vote?

(Ok, I'm stepping down off my soap box now.)

Lea Ann"

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