Lea Ann and Stuart´s favorite Banners from the Protest

Following are pictures of some of our favorite banners from the March.

I Want My Inalienable Rights Back

This photo doesn´t do the banner justice, but we wanted to make sure to capture the sentiment -- I want my inalienable rights back!

4 Fabulous posters of the 4 horsemen...

These 4 horsemen are Bush (war), Cheney (Pestilence), Rumsfeld (Death), and Wolfowitz (Famine). Note the capital in the background, between Bush and Cheney.

Pretty much speaks for itself

This one pretty much self-explanatory.


Banner says These Monsters Must Be Stopped... Great charicatures.

Ben and Jerry´s for Peace

As if I needed *more* reason to like Ben and Jerry´s!!

Veteran against the war

Banner says, "I served in Vietnam, My son served in the Persian Gulf, Bush serves the oil industry."

Peace Symbol

Peace symbol in the crowd.

A sea of banners in the crowd

A sea of banners in the crowd

Bush as Slim Pickens

Bush as Slim Pickens - nice reference to a movie classic, Dr. Strangelove.

Thought provoking...

Quote by Herman Goering that is sadly appropriate to our current government.

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