Documentary: Fredericksburg Tap Guitar Event, November 2008, The Loft, Fredericksburg, VA

Elsewhere, you can see the cool artsy pictures that Lea Ann took of this event, but here is a "documentary-style" look at the night concert associated with the Fredericksburg Tap Guitar Event in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

If you click on a picture, it will open a larger version in another window or tab, depending on your browser.

Rob Martino, the gracious organizer of the whole thing, started us all off with another of his excellent performances.

Rob keeps it going.

Rob in black and white. Gotta just love digital.

Dave Brosky from Pittsburgh added his talents.

Dave played an excellent version of "Mellow Yellow".

Paul Walters was up third and started with an excellent song for his son.

Paul also amazed by actually singing and playing the Stick.

Paul played one of Greg Howard's tunes during his set, but also turned the tables and had Greg join him on stage for one of Paul's own compositions.

Cliff Art performed as the only duo.

Some decorum was likely violated with inclusion of a non-Stick performance.

Stuart exclusively plays Grand Stick with Cliff Art, while Cliff plays 8-string bass and 4-string Appalachian lap dulcimer. Cliff actually uses some Teflon wrapped strings, so that is a truly non-Stick performance.

Bill Burke brought his talents and his 8-string Warr guitar.

Bill also brought his significant ability with a looper.

Bill is probably thinking about the loop going on behind the solo he is laying down right here.

Hey look! Rob and Bill are twins separated at birth!

Greg Howard closed out the evening's scheduled performances.

Greg started out on his new Stick Guitar.

Greg did eventually switch over to his Grand Stick for yet more rousing improv work.

Greg also performed a great version of "All Along the Watchtower".

After Greg's performance, the group risked fate by having everyone on stage at the same time.

There was a bit of pandemonium associated with getting everyone in place simultaneously.

The group did eventually get going, as this long-shot shows.

Here is another long-shot of the group, but it was cut out of larger picture, so the resolution might not be the best. And Rob is a bit in the dark over there.
Line up (left to right):
Paul, Cliff, Stuart, Dave, Bill, Greg, and Rob.

This version is a trick... It is actually three different pictures stiched together to make one high-res version that is bright on all areas. As you can see, all the performers wandered around stage quite a bit...
Line up (left to right):
Paul, Cliff, Stuart, Dave, Bill, Greg, and Rob.

Let me see the Artsy view of the event!.

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