Artsy Pictures of the Fredericksburg Tap Guitar Event, November 2008, The Loft, Fredericksburg, VA

In November 2008, Cliff Art, stuart's longest-running musical project, was involved in what we hope will be the first annual Fredericksburg Tap Guitar Event in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The event involved a master class earlier in the day, followed by a concert held at The Loft.

Lea Ann took a series of photos and this collection is an awesome arty grouping. She purposefully shot these without flash, so that you could have the sense of movement and other unexpected results.

If you click on a picture, it will open a larger version in another window or tab, depending on your browser.

Greg Howard's Stick, posing for the camera.

Greg Howard in motion.

Greg looks ghostly.

Slightly larger version of Greg looking ghostly.
Isn't it great how the curtains match the background of this page?

Close-up of Greg playing his new Stick Guitar.

Is Greg's other Stick jealous of the Stick Guitar getting all this attention?

Cliff Laufer (Cliff Art) in motion. It has the look of a socialist worker's party pose. Perhaps it is a call for musicians to unite...

This one is less politically charged, but the dulcimer is sharper.

Stuart Mawler (Cliff Art) in the midst of some moving right-hand passage.

In this picture, the passage may (or may not) be moving, but Stuart's right-hand definitely is. No idea what was being played here...

Bill Burke peeks in from the bottom of the screen.

Great form with the ebow; Bill's right hand is solid as a rock and the left hand is moving up the neck to create an interesting melody.

Bill gets into his work. The slight fuzziness on Bill seems to capture his intensity, particularly against the crispness of the background.

Bill leaves a ghostly trail.

Bill set some cool rhythms, using his looper. This is one of two versions of the same shot (look just to the right for the other). This one includes Bill's chin, which looks the opposite way and seems to show anticipation, lending (perhaps) some mystery. Unfortunatley, the eyes were not included in the original picture.

This is probably the better crop job, since it eliminates the sliver of Bill's face. This makes an excellent focus on Bill's hands in an unusual position.

Everyone is in motion except Dave Brosky with his white Stick.

Dave is still pretty stable, but Greg joined him in a statuesque moment.

Let me see the Documentary version of the event!.

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