Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’06:

The Mawlers Go Bi-polar

Yalour Islands Around-the-World Shot

At Sea, Approaching Antarctica 12/10/06

Water, water, everywhere...


Stuart managed to capture these great shots of the roiling sea. Believe it or not, this was after it had calmed down, considerably.
We had a conversation on the boat about how difficult it can be to capture the sea. What you can see so rarely comes through in film, but here it's pretty close.
I'm glad I was asleep for these... I think I would have been a little freaked out.

These "cleats" show up again and again in our shots. They seemed to be a great frame for the world beyond the ship.
Something that I was surprised by - it was snowing on the ship!! I don't know what I expected, but an inch or so of accumulation (what we eventually got) on the ship wasn't it. It's amazing here (to me, at least!) that you can actually see it snowing in the photograph.
I figured it out. These are Southern (Antarctic) Fulmars. (Excuse the filename.)

Another Antarctic Fulmar.
These are Cape Petrels, a.k.a., Pintados. They have beautiful mottled wings on the back, and white with a black border underneath.
More Cape Petrels.

And the moment we've all been waiting for -- the first iceberg. This is the real milestone that we're really here... In Antarctica!!

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