Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’06:

The Mawlers Go Bi-polar

Yalour Islands Around-the-World Shot

Welcome to the latest Big Adventure. These seem to be coming every two years or so, though there is clearly no plan involved.

Finally, we have managed to get started, but... How could we be expected to get all the pictures organized so quickly? We took an unknown, but astronomically large number of photos and could barely download them and back them up before hitting land, let alone export them all and find pages to put them on. What do you expect of us anyway? Sheesh.

However, despite your demands, we have a few updates and will have more as we figure out what went on for the last couple of weeks. Honestly, we don't really know. Another couple of beers should clear it up, though.


The first installment:
Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside

Table of Contents

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside Updated 12/20/2006
Okay, You Asked for It! Posted 12/20/2006
Beagle Channel Pictures Posted 12/20/2006
Das Boot Posted 12/20/2006
At Sea Approaching Antarctica Updated 12/21/2006
Time Flies Updated 12/27/2006
First Stop: Deception Island Updated 12/27/2006
Deception Island Pix Posted 12/21/2006
Mikkelson Harbour or Well, It Is Antarctica Posted 12/21/2006
Mikkelson Harbour Pix Posted 12/21/2006
Cierva Cove Pix Posted 12/22/2006
Graham Passage & Neumayer Channel Pix Posted 12/27/2006
Port Lockroy Posted 12/27/2006
Port Lockroy Parade of Penguins Posted 12/27/2006
Jougla Point Pix Posted 12/27/2006
A Climbing We Will Go! NEW 12/29/2006
Fast and Fit NEW 12/29/2006
Doumer Island Pictures NEW 12/29/2006


The first installment:
Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside

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