Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’06:

The Mawlers Go Bi-polar

Yalour Islands Around-the-World Shot

Graham Passage and Neumayer Channel 12/11/06

As fast as the sun came out, it started to get cloudy again. But, that was okay, since it was nearing sunset. Cloudless skies make for boring sunsets...

We passed through these narrow channels and the light was constantly changing, leaving stripes of color and light in glaciers that appeared gray where the light didn't strike them. Rocks and icebergs all had sharp shadows and bright spots as the sun and clouds moved through the sky.

The sun set (here) at about 11 pm. So, this was our fitting end to a long, cold, grey, bright, sunny, warm, cool, cloudy, sparkling day.


This glacier is very distinct down at the water, but just seems to disappear into the clouds.
Another cave formed by wave action. Given that the ice has a tendency to fall suddenly, going into these caves is not recommended.
There are always interestingly shaped 'bergs floating by.

This looks a bit more like a "traditional" alpine glacier, except for the fact that it is surrounded by miles of ice.
The light highlighted sharp edges at varying points around us, making us race from one vista to the next.
Some of the light patters were quite subtle, like this one, showing the jumble of ice at the water's edge.

This is like a very chilly rabbit warren...
The contrast of the light on the edge of the glacier with the rest is stunning.
Some of the 'bergs are very angular, and then comes one like this...

We just could not get enough of that light on the snow!
Here are the clouds that brought us the amazing patches of light.
This almost looks fake, but it isn't. No photoshop has been used in the posting of these pictures!

Love that tiny blue cave in the side of the ice sheet and the contrasting types of lines.
The contrasts here are sharp...
The sun had been getting low for hours, but it finally started to highlight the sharp points of some peaks, like this one.

This is a closer view of the peak on the right side of the last row. Looks like a challenging climb.
The sky and the light just kept right on cooperating.
At some point, a group of penguins hitched a ride on an iceberg, passing us in the other direction. I wonder if they know where they are going?

These are just three...
...panoramas of the amazing...
...skies, clouds, and moutains.

In the "evening" light (around midnight) the rigging of the ship looks impressive.
But it was the moutains that really caught our eyes.
The sharp edges made excellent silhouettes against the sky.

At long last, the sun finally set on us in the Neumayer Channel.

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