Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’06:

The Mawlers Go Bi-polar

Yalour Islands Around-the-World Shot

Okay, You Asked for It!

Okay. Okay okay okay. You have asked for penguins. Begged for penguins. Cooed over penguins. So, here, just to whet your appetite is our very first penguin sighting.

We'll get back to where we are (Deception Island) and what else is here (lots of stuff). But just because you asked so nicely, we'll go ahead and tell you that while Stuart and Lea Ann were nearly frozen, after a couple of hours ashore in Antarctica, with winds in some outrageous measurement that us metrically/nautically challenged can't comprehend, these little guys just waddled up. Just like that. They said hi. We said hi. It was a bonding moment.

So, making their debut, here are three Chinstrap Penguins (Pinguinos de Barbijo en Español). Mr. DeMille, I think they're ready for their close up...

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