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Port Lockroy Parade of Penguins 12/12/06

Port Lockroy's Parade of Penguins, with special guest appearances by some Snowy Sheathbills.


Cue the theme from The Odd Couple.
This is Penguin Family ValuesTM at work.
This penguin calls to his/her mate from the nest. When one of the passengers on the boat asked how to tell the males from the females, the British at Lockroy responded that the females are the ones with two footprints on their backs.

"Hey ladies, nice nests you got there!"
Ok, we have moved into the category of "Officially Cute". This penguin is feeding a little chick!
Enter the Snowy Sheathbill. This white bird is famous for several reasons: 1) it is the only Antarctic bird without webbed feet and 2) it eats penguin guano. Surprisingly, it gets no respect from the penguins.

A snowy sheathbill in tree pose. They are also famous for their devotion to yoga.
Sometimes you get a few sheathbills together, but they are always hanging out in the penguin colonies, bringing down property values.
This one landed on the boat and Lea Ann caught it on "film".


Apparently, this snowy sheathbill was looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe that handle looks like a bird... "Dahling, you are so perfect, with your long, smooth, white neck, oh yes... Promise you will stay just like you are..."
[Penguins enter, stage right.]

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