Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’09:

Lea Ann & Stuart Go Down Under

Alice Springs to Adelaide sign at the end of Ernest Giles Road on the Stuart Highway

Vacation with the Newlyweds

surfing by morning
lunch with friends in wine country
grenache wins the day

We spent some time with the Happy CoupleTM the day after the wedding. We are certain that most people would be delighted to spend the day after their wedding with the Mawlers. It will probably become an Australian tradition. Maybe even go global.

Kate was nice enough to drive with navigation provided by Abe. Somewhat ironic that the American gave directions to the native... There were times that it worked and times that it could have worked better. Kate drove us down south to Middleton Beach, where Abe could play in the surf. Leaving the beach, she was kind enough to stop and let Stuart trespass. Then we met up with more friends to enjoy lunch and a couple of wineries in McLaren Vale.

First, the beach. Naturally, the Mawlers spent time taking photographs of random things...

  A pretty little flower growing in the dunes...   Are we the only people who find seagulls cute?  

  An awesome pink translucent shell...   This is what one looks like closed.  

  Obviously, we can entertain ourselves for hours...  

Meanwhile, Abe had put down his own camera and was actually enjoying the water.

In this series, you get the whole surfing process...

Hey, he's surfing!
Apparently, the momentum dipped.

Is there another wave coming?
The wave rider returns victorious from the sea, ready for his GQ cover shot.

  Kate seemed to enjoy Abe's company. Maybe they should get married...  

Leaving the beach, Stuart asked nicely, so Kate stopped the car, allowing time for trespassing on a beautiful ruin of a farmhouse.

  The front of the house.   Wider lens.  

  Inside, looking toward the front gable.   The old main hallway looking toward the front door.

Clearly, they have actually allowed sheep to have the run of the house.

  Looking back toward the old stable, barn, or sheep shed.   Looking past the house back toward the road. The old driveway is really invitingly shady.  

Having satisfied Stuart's penchant for trespass, the crew ended up in McLaren Vale wine country.

  In this artsy picture, you can see the Happy CoupleTM reflected in the box with the winery name: "Tintara". Good wine.   In yet another artsy picture, Stuart captured the Tintara wine-tasting room as reflected in a large bottle.  

We went to a second winery after Tintara. Lea Ann discovered "Sparkling Shiraz", which tastes better than it should. The light at the second winery was just gorgeous, too.

This is a shed on the winery property. The other two pictures in this series are from the door. The background on all the pages is a detail of the stone wall on this building.
This is the hinge on that door. And the lock on the same door.

Naturally, there is a restaurant at the winery. The late evening sun on the veranda was just beautiful, so we took several different views. The background has an almost "African" feel. Too bad they were closing. We could have spent quite a bit of time sitting and sipping...

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