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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson - The Pictures

More pictures... We drove up the Alaska Highway, with side trips to Liard Hot Springs and Stone Mountain Provincial Park..


in dawson creek, we stayed at the alaska hotel... it is the oldest hotel in dawson creek, built in 1926.
as the sign proclaims, it is a mere 52 paces from the zero milepost...
so, we'll write more later about the hotel, but suffice it to say, it was basic accommodations. :-)

the view from the alaska hotel room was neat...
and stuart liked the mirror that had lost a fair amount of its silvering.
and the mile zero signpost was literally right outside the door...

in dawson creek, the grain elevators are not grain elevators any longer. this one is an art gallery.
the bronze surveyor with the cowboy hat points to the alaska highway, in case you missed the sign.
i thought this was ineresting... so overexposed it is posterized...

just outside of dawson creek, we found this railyard, with both the old and new types of grain elevators.
Bright yellow daisies were growing at the railyard...
... as well as these tiny purple thistles.

a curved wooden bridge on the old alaska highway, looking down into the river gorge.
the same curved wooden bridge, which is north of dawson creek by a few miles.
this yellow flower was growing right by the bridge (you can see the guard rail in the picture).

even through a haze of bug guts on the window, you can see that we have miles to go.
can you believe what a fantastic picture we got of this dragon fly?!?
i hope this fellow is not missing a horse trailer...

what do you see sticking out of the grass...
a bear! he is a little one... probably last year´s cub. and, so cute!
he sees us!

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