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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Inuvik to Eagle Plains - The Pictures

Graffiti Rocks

When we stopped to look for Elephant Rock, we saw this pile of rocks on which people have written their names. Ours is in the pile, see the picture at the bottom.


Here is the main pile of rocks. The stick is actually a sighting device. If you stand on the road side (on the right side of this picture) and look toward the river, Elephant Rock will appear right over the top of the stick. In the background, you can see a second pile of rocks that is also covered in graffiti.
A little close-up on the pile of rocks itself. Our rock is the light-colored one on the bottom left of the pile. You can see a bit of photographic discontinuity, because we have not yet added our trip motto to the rock, but it is signed.
You can also see some of the other rocks featured on this page.

Dale & Carole Geck, Agassiz, BC and George & Colleen Hille, Fairview, AB, 2004

8 August 2004; Kurt & Dini Boehmer from Heidenheim on the Brena, Germany (cannot figure out that thing to the left, but my German is pretty good, ja?
Richard Glover & Cheryl Scott, Rycroft, AB, "Beautiful Land" (a lot of people include commentary about the trip.)
Sandra & ?he McDonald, Victoria, BC, "Awesome" -- 2004, Tiber, Balsay, Hungary (that first one gets the better of me, i have no idea what the second name is)

Mike Nix, Cumming, Georgia
Jody Broughton, July 2004
Veronique Blandine, Hannelore, France, 3 August 2004 (nice flowers)

3 August 2004, Verena & Thomas, from Hamm-Lerche, Germany (august was busy here)
Joseh & Marie, St. Hilaire, Quebec
July 31st 2004, Jim & Grace McBride, Glasgow, Scotland -- Alia & Trevor, Nova Scotia, 6 August 2004 (with a nice little salamander drawing)

Swiss Family Robinson, uh, Kaeser (you know, you can replace the umlaut with a "e" after the vowel that carries the umlaut)
"If I thought she'd say yes, I'd ask her", R. Dionne (one of my favorites)
Peace (self-explanatory)

Our very own rock, decorated in impermanent pencil.
Stuart & Lea Ann Mawler, 8 August 2004, Adelphi, Maryland
and our singularly appropriate trip motto:
"we are capable of anything... as long as we don't know what we're getting into!"

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