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Mawlers’ Big Adventure ’04:
Inuvik to Eagle Plains - The Pictures

Sulphur Creek Pictures

Pictures of a little sulphur creek we saw along the way, where the red creek was.


The spring comes down the hill in little rivulets, leaving white sulphur deposits.
The little pond is very pale blue and highly reflective.
Anything in the pool also gets covered in sulphur deposits, like this branch. You can see the brown bark, where it is above water and the deposits on the branches just below the surface.

Looking closely at this one, you can see little sticks or other objects caked in sulphur deposits. If you keep looking at them, you might think they look like monsters or the bony fingers of some Twilight Zone character.
All the water in this pool leaves by the tiniest cluvert, surrounded by the black gravel of the road bed. It makes for excellent contrasts, particularly when the sun cooperates, as it is doing.
This is a close-up of the rocks in the exit path of the pool. The rocks have collected even more sulphur deposits, making them other-worldly.

The water and sky, together, cooperated to make an almost perfect mirror. There is a rock sticking through the surface of the water.
The sun was not too bright, otherwise we could not have taken these pictures. You can see the cloud cover in the reflection.
In fact, the disk of the sun is pretty distinct in this picture.

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